Conferences and Events

participatory varietal selection brings biofortified potatoes closer to national releases

While the biofortified potatoes currently being grown by farmers are quite nutritious, they have lower yields and are less resilient than other improved varieties. CIP Breeders have thus spent the past six years crossing them with parents in CIP’s advanced breeding populations.


We need to "change the vision" and make the Brazilian potato chain prosperous for Brazilians. Is it possible? ABBA believes that it is and is willing to fight and win the biggest battle in the history of the Brazilian Chain of Potatoes. We believe that recent changes in the government have generated optimism and expectations for improvement. IS NOW! ... so join us at SBB 2019.

Fourth International Phytopathology Symposium

As you know, every year we organize the event of Plant Physiology or Phytopathology. This year we will have 3 days of event, on August 14th, 15th and 16th 2019 we will celebrate the Fourth International Symposium on Plant Pathology, Biological Control and Plant-Microbe Interactions at the USFQ. This is undoubtedly the largest event in the country in this area. Two years ago we had about 300 participants.

2019 Pathology and Pests Section Meeting

The next meeting of the EAPR Pathology and Pests Section will take place at the University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, from Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th September 2019, combined with the International Powdery Scab Workshop (Thursday 5th).

21st EAPR Triennial Conference

The Conference will be organized in Hilton Warsaw Hotel And Convention Centre, in the very heart of the city. We will organize social events and excursions combining the potato places of interest with cultural experiences