Board of Trustees

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Our board of trustees 2023 - 2025  consists of five members with wide experience that includes general management, improvement of potato clones, technological development, scientific research and environmental protection.

The members for this period are:


Eng. Agr. (MSc) Elisa Salas Murrugarra
Plant Improvement and Database Management
International Potato Center
1895 La Molina Avenue-Lima 33 - Peru
Telf: (+511) 3496017 Ext: 2014

Elisa Salas


Dr. Julio Cesar Kalazich Barassi
Agricultural engineer from the Austral University of Chile and
Doctor in Plant Genetic Improvement from Cornell University, United States
Professor of the Agronomy Course, University of Los Lagos, Osorno, Chile


Representative of Region I (Mexico-
Central America and the Caribbean)

Dr. Arnulfo Gutierrez
Agricultural Engineer, Master and Ph.D. in Agriculture obtained at the University of Moscow.
He is currently General Director of the Institute of Agricultural Innovation of Panama (IDIAP)


Representative of Region II (Andean South America)

Ing. Celfia Obregón
Executive Director of Cite Papa and Andean Crops
Master in Agribusiness and Food Management at the Universidad del Pacifico
Executive Director of the Center for Productive Innovation and Technological Transfer of Potatoes and other Andean Crops - CITE Potatoes and Andean Crops.
Tel: +51 999495286


Representative of Region III - Southern Cone

Eng. Agr. (MSc) Jaime Ortego Sureda
Agricultural Engineer from the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
Master in Plant Protection, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile
Private Advisor. Retired from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
Telf: +34640359504

Past Board of Trustees: