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ALAP 2023-
XXIX Latin American Potato Congress-
The Reunion and a look towards sustainability and climate change

ALAP and ACHIPA have come together to hold the twenty-ninth version of the Latin American Potato Congress in the city of Puerto Varas, which will bring together the entire potato industry and will have as its main focus the sustainability of production and the challenges of climate change in the world of this tuber. Scientists, researchers, academics, extensionists, farmers, and technology and equipment companies and providers have been convened for this event. Representatives from more than 20 countries will attend to discuss topics such as: breeding and biotechnology, plant pathology, cultivation and storage techniques, positioning and nutritional value. The objective of this congress is to increase potato cultivation and its consumption.

participatory varietal selection brings biofortified potatoes closer to national releases

While the biofortified potatoes currently being grown by farmers are quite nutritious, they have lower yields and are less resilient than other improved varieties. CIP Breeders have thus spent the past six years crossing them with parents in CIP’s advanced breeding populations.