Vision, Mission and Values

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The mission of ALAP is to stimulate the production and efficient use of potatoes, as well as increase and disseminate the knowledge we have of this crop through the development of research and dissemination of technical and scientific advances achieved in the regional and global context. All these actions are aimed to awake the interest for this crop in people, with the certainty of achieving greater well-being in the communities that grow potatoes and in the people who consume it in all its forms.


ALAP aims to contribute the increase and exchange of potato knowledge among researchers, producers, merchants, industry and society in general in Latin America.


ALAP actions are part of the values that provide the pursuit of excellence, mutual cooperation, open communication, recognition to the good performance, dedication to service and training.

ALAP will achieve these objectives through the holding of biannual congresses and other types of meetings that promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers and other collaborators and the publication of the ALAP Journal.

In all cases, ALAP will strengthen ties between people and institutions dedicated to the study, cultivation, processing and trade of potatoes in Latin America, Ibero America and the Caribbean and will encourage the active and committed participation of its members by supporting the various activities of the specialized groups of the organization.

In a permanent change scenario and threats to food security, ALAP will have the Latin American leadership in offering solutions to the new challenges that arise by promoting the search and adoption of new sustainable technologies for the development of the crop and its use. In this context, ALAP will also promote the preservation and use in perpetuity of the environments and resources of the different regions that integrate it.

ALAP will seek cooperation with other organizations that have similar visions in the world such as WPC, EAPR, AFPA, PAA and others of a national or regional nature, as well as with CIP, projects such as RTB and national programs.