Production of Seed Tuber Area

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The importance of the quality and health of seed potatoes used in any crop was highlighted as a key production factor at the Roundtable held at the last ALAP meeting in Cusco, the 29th of May of 2018. The low percentage of certified seed used in potato crops in Latin America was also mentioned in many countries and, nevertheless, the working group agreed that there are excellent conditions for the production of certified seed in the Region. On the other hand, it is acknowledged that one of the purposes of the ALAP is to contribute to improve the profitability and quality of life of potato growers in Latin America. In this context, the “SEED POTATO” Thematic Area of ALAP, considers as a general objective to promote the use of certified seed and facilitate self-supply of potato seed tubers at a regional, national, local and farm level, through enhancing interdisciplinary interaction. To this end, it calls all those members of ALAP (scientists, professionals, growers, traders, etc.) who believe they can contribute to the achievement of the specific objectives set out below.


• Promote regional self-sufficiency of certified seed potatoes and the exchange of genetic materials

• Harmonize control regulations such as tolerances, quarantines, etc

• Promote the production of certified (certified) seed potatoes in the different countries of the region

• Organize and promote the training of the actors involved

• Disseminate knowledge about the convenience of the use of seeds of high health

• Promote the identification and phytosanitary preservation of areas with special agro-ecological conditions for the production of seed potatoes

• Facilitate the collaboration among epidemiological research projects on harmful organisms that provide efficient phytosanitary management tools with low environmental impact


  • Eng. Agr. MSc. Jaime Ortego
  • National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), Argentina
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