ALAP 2008

XXIII ALAP Congress 2008 - Mar del Plata, Argentina

The XXIII Congress of the ALAP was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina from November 30 to December 6, 2008. It was framed within the events that took place during 2008, declared by the United Nations as the International Year of the Potato (AIP) with the objective of highlighting the importance of the potato as a crop and food product, emphasizing its biological and nutritional attributes, and thus promoting its production, processing, consumption and commercialization. The XXIII Congress of the ALAP had the following objectives:
  • Spread current research and technological innovations.
  • Integrate the different levels of official and private activity related to the product, from a view of demand as food.
  • Establish commercial links and joint new projects between companies and institutions.
  • Strengthen the concept of rational and integrated management, taking in care the quality of the product and considering it as food.
  • Promote a rational management of the environment.
  • Promote work among groups of professionals and producers.
  • Prepare projects and establish recommendations for monitoring the established conclusions.
Within the Congress several topics were developed such as the protection, control and integrated management of pests and diseases, phytopathology, physiology, fertilization, breeding and genetic resources, biotechnology, seed production, extension, economy and commercialization and quality and industrialization.

Important documents:


Marcelo Huarte. PROPAPA, ArgentinaPanorama of potato production in Argentina
Andres Contreras. Austral de Chile University, Chilepdf icon History and origin of the cultivated potato: Influence of the American potato on the improvement of the species worldwide
Marc Ghislain. CIP, Perupdf icon Modern biotechnology for the control of abiotic stress and its environmental impact on potato
Yvan Pelletier. Agriculture Canada, Canadapdf icon From the molecule to the organism: physiology of the insect to help plant protection
Paul Van Eijck. Food Innovation Online Corp, Canadapdf icon Late developments and trends in potato processing
Humberto Mendoza. Agraria National University, Perupdf icon Quantitative genetics and improvement of autotetraploid potatoes
Oswaldo Rubio Covarrubias. INIA, Mexicopdf icon Effect of temperature and photoperiod on the physiology of the plant and susceptibility to late blight of the potato
Gerard Crouau. GNIS, Franciapdf icon Control system for certified potato seed in France
Graciela Magrin. INTA Castelar, Argentinapdf icon Climate change in Latin America: its influence on the agricultural sector and the productivity of potato farming
Jorge Luis Alonso. REDEPAPApdf icon Selection of the most useful and updated sources of information on the internet about potato crop


Javier Franco. PROINPA, Boliviapdf icon Integrated management of potato nematodes
Marcelo Doucet. Instituto de Zoología Aplicada, Argentinapdf icon The genus Nacobbus and the cultivation of potatoes in Argentina
Eliseo Chaves. EEA INTA, Balcarce, Argentinapdf icon The meloidogyne genus and the potato crop in Argentina
Yvan Pelletier. Agriculture Canada, Canadá.pdf iconImportance of vector behavior on the PVY transmission.
Juan Manuel Alvarez. University of Idaho, USApdf icon Effect of mixed viral infections (potato virus Y-potato leafroll virus) on biology and preference of vectors Myzus persicae and Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Hemiptera: Aphididae).
Douglas Landis. MSU, USApdf icon Habitat management to enhance natural enemies in agroecosystems
Dora Carmona. EEA INTA Balcarce- FCA, UNMdPpdf icon “Bioecology and integrated management of the "leaf miner fly"” Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera:Agromyzidae), in potato crops
Huub Schepers. Wageningen University Research, Holandapdf icon Decision support systems to control late blight
Jorge Andrade Piedra. CIP, Ecuadorpdf icon Advances in the knowledge and control of late blight in the world
Eduardo Mizubuti. Universidad Federal de Viçosa, Brasilpdf icon Molecular Epidemiology of potato late blight
LAT-SOL: III Symposium of the latin american network of Solanaceae
De Jong W, Jung CS, Zhang Y, Cheng S, De Jong D, Griffiths Hpdf icon Identification of genes controlling potato tuber color
M. Ghislain, J. Nuñez, M.R. Herrera, D.M. Spoonerpdf icon Microsatellite markers to evaluate the hypothesis on the genetic structure, distribution and adaptation of potato crops
 Sagredo, B.pdf icon Development of a DaRT for potatoes: a new biotechnological tool for the genetic improvement of the crop.
 Feingold SE, Melo P, Sagredo B, Kalazich J, Orjeda G.pdf icon Objetivos y avances del consorcio latinoamericano para el secuenciamiento del genoma de la papa
 Jorge A. Rojas Beltrán, Iris Vargas, Silene Veramendi, Fidel Cortez, Antonio Gandarillas <pdf icon Application of molecular marker technology in the conservation of germplasm and the genetic improvement of potatoes: experiences in Bolivia
Barreiro L, Portantier M, Massa GA, Conte M, Bassi S, Carrari F y SE Feingoldpdf icon Sequencing of the mitochondrial genome of Solanum tuberosum  and comparison with other solanaceas
Paulo Eduardo de Melo; Arione da S Pereira; Caroline M Castro; Carlos Alberto Lopes; Antônio Carlos de Ávila; César B Gomes; Carlos Reisser Jr; Alice Maria Quezado-DuvalO melhoramento de germoplasma parental de batata na embrapa: Prioridades e Desafios
Adriana E. Alvarez; Freddy Tjallingii; Marcel Dicke; Ben VosmanInteraction between Solanum sp. y Myzus persicae: Acceptance or resistance?
Monica Mateos FCA, UNMdP, Argentinapdf icon Latin America: Production, consumption and trade of potatoes. Diversity in evolution and trends
Andre Deveaux – CIP Perupdf icon Biodiversity and Market: the articulation of small potato farmers to dynamic market chains in the Andean region
Jean Paul Sirvente – Germicopa, Franciapdf icon Germicopa market strategies in South America
Fernando Ezeta – CIP Perúpdf iconAsian markets and Latin American insertion
Arjan Brower – HolandaIndustrial processing of potatoes: opportunities for dehydrated mashed potatoes in South America and the rest of the world
Hans Peetenpdf icon Potato developments in the EU

ALAP 2008 Memories: