Latin American Potato Journal

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The Latin American Potato Journal with e-ISSN: 1853-4961 is indexed in LATINDEX, AGRIS, OJSBOLIVIA, UCB-SP, REDIB, PERIODICA, BIBLAT, DIALNET (electronic version) and EBSCO, is open to researchers to share their results in the different areas of potato sciences, with greater emphasis on: biotechnology, genomics, physiology, nutrition and crop fertilization, genetics and plant breeding, entomology, plant pathology, integrated crop protection, agroecology, malherbology, geomatics, soils, water and irrigation, post-harvest and agro-industrialization, rural and agro-business development, agricultural economy and agricultural marketing. The Latin American Potato Journal publishes reports on basic and applied potato (Solanum spp.) research

According to the norms of the journal, original articles that follow any of the following types of publication are accepted:


Scientific and technological research article

Document that presents in detail the original research results


Review article

Document result of a research where analyzed, systematized and integrated research results, published or not, on a field in science or technology, in order to account for the progress and development trends. It is characterized by presenting a careful bibliographic support


Article of reflection

Document that presents research results from an analytical, interpretative and critical perspective of the author, on a specific topic and using original sources


Short communication

Document must have less than 10 pages, with a maximum of three Tables / Figures. Short communications should inform the work done or preliminary data that is rare or difficult to obtain that seek peer-to-peer discussion. In general, the same instructions for the application of scientific and technological research articles will be followed

meet the editorial team

Our editorial team is responsible for reviewing the articles that will be published in the magazine, as well as contributing to the publication of the same.

publication rules

The journal is open for the publication of works achieved by the scientists and technicians of the world. The journal has standards and styles of publication.

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